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Parents Having Sex

2007-09-17 19:42:37 by TeabagSlayer

So last night, I got off the BBS at 11:30 and went to get a drink of water, just like every other night before sleeping. After I got some water, I headed to the toilet to take a piss. My parent's bedroom is on the way to the bathroom. When passing by the door, I heard a *smooch* the sound of somone kissing. I put my ear on the door to listen closer, and I heard moaning and humping! I was sickened out that my parents were having sex in the room im standing next to (the door was closed.) Later, I fell asleep. At night my mom came to my room to check on my sister, and I woke up, there was some funky smell coming off here. Well thats all...I still cant stop thinking about it.


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2007-09-17 19:53:54

woah. That's so disgusting. No offence to your parents, but should they really have sex when you are around? I mean somebody wake up go in and see them. Then you would be really scarred for life.

TeabagSlayer responds:

i am scarred for life...thats exactly what i think, they should go to a motel or something


2007-09-17 19:57:28

Are you parents hot? LOL

They shouldn't do that while your around, If your not aloud to look at porn.

TeabagSlayer responds:

and the sad part is it was night so i couldnt see


2007-09-17 19:58:51

Poor you. :( I don't even think my parents have sex anymore.


2007-09-17 20:06:08

Average parents do the monster mash 4-12 times a month... I bet in the end everyone ends up hearing their parents have sex, despite how disturbing that image is...

TeabagSlayer responds:

lol the monster-mash...thats funny


2007-09-17 20:18:15

next time install a microphone under their bed.


2007-09-17 20:31:33

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Ok maybe I'm the older voice on this, but whats with the people saying parents shouldn't have sex with kids in the house? Shite, if thats what should be done I believe I'll be kicking the kids out of the house at all hours of the night when I have them (don't think I have any yet).

FFS, they pay the mortage/rent and feed the little pests (not saying you're a pest...I'm thinking younger, louder, less moving targets) I'd say they can do about whatever they please.

Heh I remember in H.S. a buddy told me he walked in on his parents (think very large parents in this case) and it messed with his head pretty good. Errr, good luck with the emotional scars :)

TeabagSlayer responds: least they shouldnt have loud sex..


2007-09-17 20:52:12

Ok, touche. I'll give you that. Loud parent sex is fun for no one...especially the poor dog and the neighbors.

TeabagSlayer responds:

yeah, when i went to get water, the dog was awake, but i doubt the nightbors heard


2007-09-17 21:07:34

I personally think you should've jumped in with them.


2007-09-17 22:03:47

I caught my parents doing it once.
It masterbated later thinking about it.


2007-09-17 22:19:39



2007-09-17 22:41:41

Omg! Son? DONT READ THIS st/27641

TeabagSlayer responds:

you faggot, ur not my dad, that post was just made, and my dad has been at work for 9 hours already


2007-09-17 23:11:48

O my god.